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Welcome to Battlefield Seminars. If you are interested in enhancing a current leader development program by providing a unique educational experience, or just enjoy learning how insights from our past can assist you in solving today's management issues, we believe you have come to the right place.

Why Battlefield Seminars?

Battlefield Seminars was created and is operated by former military senior leaders. All of our faculty members served as military officers and they have over 150 years of cumulative leadership experience. Moreover, they all previously served at the prestigious U. S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA, as faculty members; the college educates senior military officers from all branches of service, Interagency executives from the federal government, and foreign representatives from over 70 countries in the art of strategic leadership. As such, we are confident that our faculty team can provide valuable lessons to your organization.

But what makes Battlefield Seminars unique in the field of Leadership Development programs?


Our faculty uses famous battlefields as our classroom. You will spend a day – or multiple days – conducting a leadership seminar on the battlefield of your choice. In preparing our seminars, we work with you to incorporate leadership topics and lessons that are relevant to your needs. The many venues offered include battlefields of the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the American Civil War. We even provide an opportunity to discuss leadership dynamics and the country's nuclear deterrence strategy during the Cold War. Again, we tailor all of our programs to meet the interest of your group.


If a visit to the battlefield is not feasible, we will come to you. Our faculty members are experienced educators who can conduct large audience presentations at your location on many of the topics and issues we discuss on the battlefield. Of important note, the leadership insights we provide from our nation's history are enduring and timeless; therefore, we remain confident that the topics we address remain relevant to the modern leader – regardless of business type, organizational field, or specific educational needs.


While the battlefields we offer have been specifically selected for their educational value in leader development, we will be happy to entertain requests for sites of specific interest – or proximity – to your organization. We offer our services because we enjoy military history and educating others.